Important information about our 16 October meeting

Submitted by Michael Walsh on Thu, 10/07/2021 - 09:16

Our forthcoming General Meeting:  We had hoped to be streaming our GM so that those of you who cannot make the journey would be able to watch and enjoy in the comfort of your own homes.  Sadly, for this October, this will not be possible, mainly for technical reasons.  We do however hope to stream or record future events and will keep you posted on this.

Church rules regarding the dreaded COVID / regulations in force at the church just now.  All Hallows are limiting their numbers to 150 max, so we will be fine.  Mask wearing is not mandatory nor enforced - it is at individuals' discretion, as is "distancing".   (they advise masks should be worn for singing - good grief!)  GMS may wish to ignore that as it is advice only.  They DO display the NHS COVID QR code at the church entrance, but again this is up to the individual to scan and is not "policed".